Managing your time when studying and working

Hello everyone 🙂

Having just finished my second year of part-time university study, well kind of, part-time study means I complete 2 subjects a semester over a 6-year period, although this sounded like a ridiculous amount of time to me, so I usually study the trimester of Christmas, so I can then complete my degree over a 4-year span! The reason I chose to study this way is that I work 4-5 days a week. My job can be pretty crazy sometimes and always involves something different each day. I am a personal assistant/office manager for an awesome lady called Brooke, who runs 4 businesses of her own. While I love my job, sometimes after work I really don’t feel like coming home and jumping on my computer to study. I know there would be some people out there who can study full time and work full time, but If that’s you, I would really like to meet you and ask when you find time to sleep? Ha-ha.

In my first year I found I struggled a little to manage my time well, as I mentioned above that If worked all week and preferably made it to the gym every day, the last thing I felt like doing after working on my computer all day was coming home to write an assignment into the night, but if I didn’t complete this on weekdays, it then meant I needed to schedule out my weekend. While this always sounded like a good idea, it usually led to me being social ALL weekend and madly catching up on Sunday evening. SO I needed to find a good balance and this last semester I felt as though I had a good one! I wanted to offer a few tips on time management and how I try to be more productive 😊


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Wake up early in the morning to read textbooks and watch lectures

When it comes to absorbing information my brain usually works best in the mornings when I first wake up. On days that I know I need to watch a lecture or have a textbook chapter read, I wake up at around 5:30am and study until about 7, as that’s usually when I need to start getting ready for work. If I can get this work done during the week it spreads out the workload and leaves my weekends to do my assignments.  I used to work out in the mornings but have adjusted to going after work. I know then after I finish in the gym I can just come home and chill. I am lucky that I’m not a late-night person, I love the mornings. I have always been in bed by 9:00pm/10:00pm, so it’s generally easy for me to wake up. I know for a lot of people that is not the case, eventually, your body forms routines and it does become easier. If you have trouble getting to bed early, see my post on how to wind down after the day, here.

Learn to say no more often

Sometimes on the weekend, I have a habit of saying yes to everything and suddenly every day is full of plans. Obviously, I would much rather go to the beach with my friends than sit at home doing an assignment, but I have started to say no to a few more plans during the day which then allows me to really enjoy the evening as I know I had a productive day.

I also have started saying no more often to staying out until 3:00am drinking. Being hungover and sleepless really wastes a full day the next day. While I have had some really good times out with friends, this isn’t that hard for me anyway as I have never been a big fan of late nights.  If I do want to go out, and I know I have to study the next day, I try to take myself home at around midnight. This way I can still enjoy the night with my friends but also have a semi-good sleep (I know, I’m that grandma friend). I’m such a morning person though that I would rather spend Sunday morning going for an early morning jog and having a smoothie anyway!

Start assignments at least 4 weeks before they are due and do a little bit every few days

I try to start my assignments a few weeks out before they are due. I find starting something the hardest part, but it feels so productive once you do, even if you just get the introduction done, at least you have started. If you do a little bit each weekend for a few hours over a span of 4 -5 weeks, it doesn’t feel like such a big workload or stress. Even though I find myself still working a little harder when the due date does come up, at least ¾ of it is already completed and I just have to refine it. This does take some self-discipline on weekends but it’s worth it. I would rather lose 2 hours on a Saturday and Sunday than spend a full weekend cramming and stressing at the last minute trying to get it done.

Hide your phone

This seems so simple, but it really is very effective. This sounds so bad, but I usually put my phone downstairs or hide it somewhere I know I won’t be bothered to get it. This way you don’t even get the temptation to get distracted by social media. Also, recently I have deleted the Facebook App off my phone, so I can no longer scroll and have to log into my computer if I want to check it. This really helps as I only check Facebook about once a day now. While I enjoy using social media, I find it a massive time waster.

Work from a desk

Sometimes I take my laptop into my bed in the morning or on the weekend, I work for about 10 mins and then either get distracted or have a nap. While it sounds like a comfy place to work, it’s not as productive as sitting at a table or desk. If I need to get something done quickly, I know now to just go straight to my desk first.

I hope these tips will help you if you are also juggling a few things at once! 🙂

Kate x


Travel Anxiety Tips

Hi everyone,

I am sitting here on a winters evening all cozied up with a glass of wine and a blanket and just felt like writing a little something! It is also uni holidays at the moment which gives me a little bit of extra time.

I returned from the USA 3 days ago, I had a fantastic time! Although today I have experienced a tiny bit of holiday blues as reality is starting to hit, but that’s okay I am trying to stay positive!

But what I wanted to chat about was travel anxiety. This was my first time travelling internationally on my own and I’m not going to lie I was very anxious about it before I left. When I was a child I hated flying, it terrified me. The unknown about a how a big heavy metal object could stay in the sky used to blow my little mind! To this day I still don’t particularly enjoy getting on a plane, but I have found ways that help me get through it as my urge to travel was stronger than my fear.





If you are like me a struggle with flying, here are a few little tips that helped me get through the long flights…

  1. Download relaxing apps on your phone. 
    When I am trying to fall asleep on a plane, I don’t like listenting to the loud noises the plane is making so to drown them out it helps to put on a meditation app or a relaxing sound app with your headphones in, this also helps you zone out and not think about it too much!
  2.  Ensure you pack little things in your bag to make the trip more enjoyable. 
    Although I usually try to eat the healthy majority of the time, it helped me to pack comfort snacks in my bag. On the way over I packed a bag of Maltesers, Pringles and Gummy Bears! This way I could look forward to watching movies on the plane with my snacks! It sounds odd but having little things to look forward to really helps.
  3.  Chat with people on the plane. 
    Not everyone likes to be chatted to randomly so I guess pick the vibe of the people you do chat to, but if I start to get a little on edge, it’s nice to get out of my seat and walk around. Usually, there are people also up and about stretching. Ask where they are from and where they are travelling too, you may meet some interesting people, it also passes some time!
  4.  Purchase that expensive neck pillow!
    Last year when I went to Europe, the entire way over I refused to buy the expensive $40 microfibre neck pillow as I thought I wouldn’t need it, but after discovering how uncomfy sitting on a plane for 14 hours + is, I decided to make the purchase. Having a comfy neck pillow that allows you to get at least a few hours of shut-eye is totally worth it, I was very thankful for mine over the past few weeks.

    5. Alert your airline you are travelling on your own. 
    On the way over to LA, I let the lady know at check-in that I was travelling on my own and was a little nervous. She was able to find me a row towards the back of the plane that was empty, so I was able to have a full row to myself. This was great as it meant I could lie down (I mean being bumped to business class would have been more ideal but you can only hope!) even though this doesn’t always change anything, it is still always worth mentioning.

Overall, I was super proud of myself that I didn’t let my anxiety stop me from doing something amazing.

I hope that if you are like me, and flying makes you anxious, these little tips help you!

Until next time,

Kate x

New Years Resolutions? (my very late edition)

Hello everyone!

Okay, so I know it has been way too long. I wake up every day and put on my ‘to do’ list, start writing blog posts again, but I never do. I seem to talk myself out of it and think ‘well I don’t have anything good enough to write about’, but really I don’t think I need anything super amazing to happen to me every day to write. I created this space to share my thoughts so that is what I am going to continue to do, it is always great for my future self to read back on also.

So really other than to come on and have a ramble. I want to talk about new years resolutions (even though it is the 10th of Feb?!). This year I didn’t set myself any particular resolutions, I feel every year we go to make these negative expectations about ourselves such as, ‘get fit’, ‘eat healthy’, ‘work harder’, ‘stop drinking’ and at the end of January if we haven’t achieved this  resolution in the short amount of time we set, we instantly feel rubbish about it. Not that I think setting goals is a bad thing, but I feel it’s something that we should be consistently doing, not having this expectation to give up everything in January and fail by the time February comes along. We all go through stages, for a day I could wake up at 5:30am, have a killer workout and eat super healthy, other days I slump myself out of bed and have one too many brownies (today was one of those days if I’m being honest).  I think I am better at sticking towards my goals if I let myself fall off the wagon every now and then, as long as you know how to pick yourself back up again the next morning.

Back to the point, I didn’t set any resolutions in particular but I have a few new outlooks on my life this year that I want to stick to.

  • Make choices that put my happiness first
  • Be more adventurous ( I always say this, but if you are close to me you will know how much I have been putting myself out of my comfort zone lately and I feel I am getting so much better at being spontaneous and not over thinking it!)
  • Stop worrying about the future, work hard and have fun in the moment today. ( I have a habit of trying to plan every detail of my future, which is okay in moderation, but you can’t let that bring you down if you aren’t exactly where you want to be right now)

Its okay, I can already see the cringe on your face as to how cliche’ these are, but hey if you have read this far you must be intrigued, eh?

Sticking with my final life ‘motto’, I purchased this really cool (my definition of really cool is debatable) yearly planner from My Happiness Planner that enables you to write down each day what you are grateful for and what was the highlight of your day, with lots of other fun (again, using the word fun in an odd way) to do list type things to fill out, I find it is a great way to take some perspective at the start and end of the day. I have added some pictures below of inside for you to see.

DSC03390 (2)DSC03409 (2)DSC03418 (2)

If I’m honest I don’t know what my next post is going to be about, but as always I am going to try and say I will post often as I do have lots going on in my life to write about, but instead of that unrealistic expectation, I am going to say I will post when I have the time between gym, social life (social life? I mean my one friend Claire), work and uni. So here we go, I’m going to give it my best 🙂

Love Kate xx




Melbourne, Post Holiday Blues and a Bit of a Life Update.

Hey guys,

I know this isn’t the usual travel series I have been posting each week although I wanted to break it up a bit. I also know I haven’t posted in a few weeks, life has been pretty crazy, although I have made a commitment to my blog and I do love writing so I am going to try to keep uploading on a weekly basis.

Firstly, I feel like I want to mention this because something quite scary happened in our family recently. A few months ago my mum was diagnosed with a very early stage of breast cancer. It was a massive relief that it was diagnosed so early and thankfully everything is going to be okay. For a few weeks it was scary because all we knew was that ‘Mum had cancer’ and until it was removed and found out, very luckily, that it hadn’t spread, it was a pretty stressful time for all of us (especially mum!). It certainly put life in a bit of a different perspective as you just think ‘that will never happen to me or the people I love’ and when it does, you realise how lucky you are to have your good health and loving supportive people in your life, and how lucky we are, as not all people find it as early as the doctors did. I cannot stress enough how early detection saves lives, my mum did not have any symptoms or lumps, she is perfectly healthy. Ladies, if you have been putting off that pap smear or breast check, go and do it, it’s not a nice thing to do, but it sure is better than a cancer that has spread.

Moving forward, recently I went to Melbourne to visit my brother for a week, we did so much in just one week, including visiting the Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road, drinking wine at a vineyard in Monteville and doing enough shopping to (literally) break my bank account. A friend asked me the other day ‘how can you afford to be going away all the time lately?’ I replied with ‘I have a credit card’. (Which is ok as long as you don’t go crazy with it and only spend enough so that you can pay it back in full within a reasonable time – that Louis Vuitton handbag will have to wait!) But yes, it was very worth it, as I have to say I was stuck in quite a holiday blues slump when I came home from Europe, and I could not get motivated to do anything. I didn’t want to go to the gym, I didn’t want to go to work and basically I was super bored. Although it’s a beautiful place to live, I live in a very small town with minimal things to do.

Which is why I am excited to say I have decided to head back to study. I have just started a Bachelor of Business majoring in marketing via distance education and so far I love it! Between work, gym, study, preparing healthy meals and trying to get a full 8 hours sleep, I haven’t found much extra time in the day, but the past week I have felt that I have a purpose in life and that I have something to work towards again. I am crazy busy but I like busy, productivity keeps me motivated and it also makes me look much more forward to my rest days.

I feel going away to Melbourne gave me a lot of time to think and chat to my brother about ‘what was next for me’. To end this blog on a happy note, here are a few photos I took whilst I was there for the week 🙂

DSC03031DSC03034 - CopyDSC03037DSC03046DSC03063 - CopyDSC03066DSC03075DSC03076DSC03080DSC03082DSC03092DSC03099DSC03108DSC03111DSC03113DSC03114DSC03118DSC03120DSC03121DSC03126DSC03134DSC03138DSC03145DSC03149DSC03165DSC03171DSC03173DSC03181DSC03185DSC03189DSC03190DSC03196DSC03204DSC03210DSC03215DSC03217DSC03222DSC03237DSC03238

The Virgin Traveller: London, Part 1

Hi Everyone,

I am uploading a little early this week as I am off to Melbourne to visit my brother tomorrow so I won’t have time to write during the week and I didn’t want to miss posting as I have made a commitment to myself to upload these posts without fail!

I have decided to split London into two posts as I just finished writing the first 2 days and it’s pretty long, so please enjoy reading about our time in London – more to come! 😊

Day 1
We arrived in London on Monday afternoon, it was about a 3 hour train trip from Wales to London. We then had to catch the tube from Queen Victoria Station to Russell Square where our hotel was. I had heard a lot about the London tube, and it really is an amazing form of transport, so quick! The line we were on was down the equivalent to a 15-story building underground, I had no idea it was this far below London. We were lucky that Brandon’s grandparents were with us the first time, as we had our luggage with us and there are about 100 different lines you could get on, the trains come and go very quickly and are packed! It wasn’t even peak hour (I think peak hour in London is all the time!) and you can pretty much feel the breath of strangers on the back of your neck and smell the glorious afternoon odour of inner city public London. Once we got off, I swore I would take buses instead of the tube as it felt very claustrophobic and I wasn’t a fan, although we worked out how SLOW it is traveling above ground and ended up taking the tube a lot, but more on that later.

One we had arrived in Russell Square, we checked into our Hotel. We stayed at the Royal National Hotel, it was HUGE. It had about 700 rooms, 3 restaurants and was full of travellers. It wasn’t that fancy but it was clean, had the essentials and free WIFI (which is the case pretty much everywhere in Europe and the UK) and that’s all I really asked for. Also it was where Contiki was based so we knew where we had to be to leave for our bus trip later that week and it was also a major hub for tourist buses and information centres, which was helpful.
Before we said goodbye to Brandon’s lovely grandparents, we all had dinner at a typical London pub! I was excited, it was exactly how you see them in the movies. We had a bit of a quiet night after a busy few days. We explored Russell Square for a bit and then went back to the room and chilled out as we knew we had a few crazy week(s) coming up!

Day 2
I woke up at about 6:00am that morning as I was very excited about being in London! I had always wanted to visit London and I didn’t want to waste any of my time by sleeping!

We had booked a small Contiki package to see London whilst we were there for a couple of days, as it had some great inclusions for a lot cheaper than it would have been to do ourselves. We had an open bus ‘hop on and hop off’ 48 hour pass, so basically it went to all the places you wanted to go to and you could get off and back on when you pleased as they ran in loops all day. We had a ticket to a show on West End and a bunch of discounted tourist attractions through Contiki. The Contiki basement was also an awesome little place to hang out and re-group, plus they are staffed all day, so you could ask them questions whenever you wanted, it was great! I would highly recommended Contiki to anyone going overseas for the first time.
Once we had picked up our ‘London 3 Day Explorer Pack’ we got on the bus out the front of the hotel and headed into the city…40 minutes later to travel 10 km in London traffic… this is what I meant about how slow it is to travel above ground! The traffic is horrendous and I believe if you want to drive your car around the city you have to pay a tax of about £20.00 ($40.00ish Aud) and I couldn’t imagine how expensive it would be to park. It makes sense why everyone goes on the Tube as its about £1.20 to go from stop to stop. But anyway we were too excited to let the traffic bother us. We got off the bus at Leicester Square and explored. We went in the Huge M&M shop, Lego shop and the Nickelodeon shop, was very cool! We didn’t buy too much as we really didn’t need to carry around bags full of M&Ms with us (as much as I would of liked to). We did try the M&M milkshakes and the hot chocolate though, yum!

We made our way through Trafalgar Square and to Big Ben. It was surreal to be standing underneath such an iconic building. We walked around Westminster Abbey, such beautiful old buildings. I also want to add that I have never seen so many people in one place before, crowds and crowds of people in these areas made it hard to really enjoy being in the touristy places. That was probably one of the only downsides I have about London is its population, 8.6 million people live in London alone not including tourists, and it is currently bigger than New York! it makes you appreciate how easy it is to get around in Australia. We went to the London Eye for a look, we didn’t end up going on the Eye as there was a 3 hour long wait in line and we knew that we were going up the Shard (tall building) after our Contiki trip so we weren’t too worried about missing out on this. We found a funky Sushi Train restaurant on the South Bank called ‘Yo sushi’, it was good although we probably wouldn’t of had lunch there if we had looked at the prices first, it cost us £30 for 2 plates of sushi each, that’s $60 Aud!…for sushi!!
After lunch we decided to take the Tube to Oxford Street to take in the shops. There were a completely over whelming number of shops, so much so that I didn’t end up buying anything (and if you know me you know how much I like shopping) apart for a Disney jumper from the Disney Store. There was two of every shop on the same stretch and all of them where packed with people, for example we went into a two-story Lush store (oh which reminds me I bought a few bath bombs too, hehe) and then we walked about another 5 minutes up the street and there was another Lush store the same size!
It was about 4:00pm at this point and we were exhausted, after walking back to our Hotel I checked my Fitbit and I had done 27 000 steps that day, crazy! For dinner that night we walked across the road from our hotel to GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen) – amazing burgers, like “Grilled” in Australia.

There is so much more I could say about London but I don’t want my blog to be too too long!

Stay tuned for the next two days in London next week! 😊


The Virgin Traveller: Wales, United Kingdom

This post picks off from where I left off in Bath, as that same afternoon we travelled two hours north west to Wales with Brandon’s maternal grandparents. They live in Pontardawe which is a small town of 5000 people about 12 km north of Swansea. It was one of the cutest little places I have ever been to, although all the signs in Welsh are quite confusing and long!

That night we went to Potardawe Inn for drinks with Brandon’s Aunties and Uncle. They are so lovely, they also took us for the best cold weather food (so my healthy eating had REALLY gone out of the window by this time – but it was worth it). I had hot chips, cheese and beans, SO good! We had a few drinks but didn’t stay out too late and we were exhausted from exploring Bath all day.

We had a nice sleep-in the next morning, probably the first one I had after getting over jetlag. Once we got out of bed and had a full English breakfast (courtesy of Brandon’s Nanny!) we got in the car and drove an hour into the country side to a place called Pontstcill reservoir in the Brecon Beacons and had a picnic and just played by the running creek. It was very relaxing after a few crazy days. The countryside was so green and had so many sheep (how I have imagined New Zealand would be?) After a big day of eating and relaxing in the country, we drove into Swansea city and went to an Italian cafe that claims to have the best ice cream in Wales, called ‘Verdi’s’ and it was true! Amazing ice cream 🙂

We drove back to the house that night and it was a good 8 degrees C outside and we decided to hop in the hot tub outside, which was sooo nice (apart from running in your bathers from the house outside to the hot tub!) We stayed in there for a good hour, which was a great way to end a great day.

The next day, we took a train to London, thankfully Brandon’s grandparents accompanied us to London as I don’t think we would have been able to work out how to take the Tube alone for the first time, but anyway more on that next post!

P.s sorry there arent many pictures of us doing a lot of things I mentioned, sometimes I was having such a nice time that I forgot the pick up my camera.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for next week!

Love Kate xx


Our Picnic area for the day.



The weather had a sudden change and my lovely boyfriend gave me his jacket (mostly so I would stop complaining about how cold I was hehe)

DSC00975So many sheeeep! 🙂

The Virgin Traveller: Bath, England

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the second post of my travel series.

We got up early and drove about an hour up the road from Bristol to Bath. Bath is famous for its Spa Baths where the Roman baths were founded in 60-70AD. The Roman baths were gradually built over the next 300 years and the town became famous in the 1800’s as a fashionable place to visit.

When we first arrived in England Brandon’s Aunty surprised us by having a full day organised for us to visit to the Thermae Bath Spa, which is a combination of a historic spa and a contemporary building in the city of Bath, England, and was restored and re-opened in 2006. This is a luxury spa house with several spas, including one on the roof! We stayed here for a few hours testing all the different spa rooms, it was freezing dressed only in bikinis getting from the door (at about 12 degrees C) into the spa, especially the one of the roof, but it was so worth it! Very relaxing and warm. The spa also had showers and a dressing room so you could refresh and blow dry your hair before getting on with your day. A quick spa before work anyone? 😉 You couldn’t take pictures inside the spa house for privacy reasons but if you want to see pictures of the place, you can click here.

After the spa we went to the Ancient Roman Spa Baths and took a full guided tour of the complex. The wealthy Romans used use these spas as a place of luxury and in the 1800’s England’s gentry frequented Bath as a resort town. It was so interesting and I couldn’t believe that the hot bath springs are still bubbling naturally to this day from deep underground (although I wouldn’t swim in them as you could probably catch something pretty nasty!)

After taking in all the history we had an English High Tea planned for the afternoon. It was so nice; we drank champagne and ate so much cake (again haha) whilst being serenaded by a pianist in a room full of chandeliers.

We then strolled the cobble stone streets of Bath visiting all the quant little shops. There was an all year-round Christmas shop called ’25th of December’, and there was a little gimmicks store full of Beatrix Potter gifts, including Puddle Ducks (which if you know me, you would know that I collect them :P). They also had a fudge shop that was literally the best fudge I have ever tasted! It is truly such a beautiful little town, with so much history, I really recommend that you make sure Bath is on your itinerary if you are heading to the U.K anytime soon.

Love Kate xx