5 Lifetstle tips to start off your day!


For the past 6 months I have been working in a full time job. When I started I thought it was going to be exactly like school routine – I was totally wrong! Hats off to people who have been doing this adult thing for years – it’s exhausting! I wanted to share a few things that I have learnt so far that makes me start my day in a positive, motivated way.

1.   Wake up early

This may seem like a silly idea, as you would think the more sleep you get, the better you would feel for the day. But I have found the earlier that I get up in the morning the more productive I feel and I don’t have to run around and rush to get ready – I have time to have an enjoyable morning before heading to work.

2. Exercise 

When I was a casual position in retail I was going to the gym every day, sometimes twice a day.  Now there just isn’t enough hours in the day! I have found a great alternative – HIIT Workouts. They are 4 minute high intensity workouts that make you feel like you have been working out for an hour, you can do them in your living room and as long as you do them consistently they work!

Here is the YouTube link for the workouts that I use and work for me: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCag7XoiJLutjBTsM0tAzUzg  – she is really good for beginners.

3. Spend time on your make-up and hair for the day

Now I looooove applying make-up, it’s one of my favourite things to do but after the first few months of working full-time,  doing a full face of make up every morning got really time consuming and I was putting less and less on until it got to a point where I wasn’t wearing any to work at all. I noticed that when I showed up to work wearing no make-up, my hair chucked up messy that I was less motivated to want to work, as I didn’t feel at my best.

Also I should add, I don’t wear make-up because I am self-conscious about myself.  I quite happily don’t wear it when I don’t want to, and it is good to let your skin have a break too, but when I’m going out to work or out to dinner, just like a nice dress make-up gives you that little more confidence and makes you feel like you’re at your best because you have put in the effort and pride to present yourself at your best! Anyway back to the point – If you spend a little bit longer on your hair and make-up in the morning I can guarantee you will have a better day.

4 Have a healthy breakfast

I have always been a breakfast person, I always make sure I eat before I leave the house although I have only recently started eating a proper nutritious breakfast. Instead of just eating one piece of toast I make sure I make myself a meal that will fuel my body, like scrambled eggs and avocado on toast or a green smoothie and porridge. I have recently been reading ‘The Body Book’ by Cameron Diaz and she explains how important the right food is for your body. If your New Year’s resolution is to stop eating so much processed rubbish food then I recommend this book, as you will find out what it’s doing to your body and turn you off!

5. Pack your handbag for the day

I always ensure I have everything I need before I walk out the door. What I mean by this is that I make sure that I have a packed lunch (it saves so much money!), a book or magazine to read at lunch time. I don’t like sitting in the office during lunch hour, it’s really good to get out and go for a walk or read to take your mind off work for a while. I recently bought a new handbag by Michael Kors – I am in love! It makes me excited to go out because I can show it off.  Spoiling yourself every now and then is a great incentive to work as it shows how hard you work for your money.

These are just my tips that I wanted to share. If you have any tips you use please share them in the comments as I would love to read them or if you have your own blog please leave it in a link below! 🙂

Love Kate xxx


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