Finding the right exercise for you!


When I was in high school I was always the girl who got hit in the face with a soccer ball in PE or who was hopeless at volleyball because I couldn’t catch the ball or who didn’t like running cross country as I found it difficult. I could go on forever the lists on sports that I was hopeless at. My lack of sporting prowess put me off exercising for years ( I was lucky puberty kicked in and I grew out of my baby fat chubbiness).

I really wanted to be fit with abs and a toned peachy bum. After school finished I joined the gym and was determined to reach my goal. Running on the treadmill was all good for 30 minutes, until I got bored. Doing sit ups was hurting my back because I was probably doing them the wrong way! The gym instructors at the gym I went to were awesome, really helpful, but since I had no knowledge about what I was doing and personal training was not an option as it was too expensive. Overall after going for about 5 months, I wasn’t seeing many results!

As I have explained in previous blogs I watch a fair amount of Youtubers and Vloggers (video blogging). I came across a fitness channel called Lucy Wyndham Read. She is a qualified trainer who used to be in the army and she focuses on HIIT training. This is High Interval Training which is short workout sessions where you give quick intense bursts of exercise that can burn calories for hours after, it only has be 10-20 minutes everyday. This is great if you are like me and have no patience, you can also do it just in your living room! Here is a link that will explain it a lot better than I can: or head to: and see for yourself!

I have only been following Lucy’s workout plans for about 3 months and I am seeing better results than I ever have before, I have never felt so strong or confident. I actually really look forward getting up every morning and doing my workout too. I want to post a before and after picture, when I feel like I have reached exactly the fitness level I want to be. Also diet is one of the most important things to think of! I have learnt you could be pushing yourself so hard, but if the food you are eating isn’t wholesome and nutritional, you won’t get the results you want! (but I always make sure I get my cupcake treat at the end of the day.)

I didn’t write this post because I think this is the only way to get fit, and  that sport and gym don’t work, I am saying I have found something that really works for me and I think there IS a way for everyone to get fit and healthy, you just have to find a way that works best for you. I would love to be able to work with a proffessional personal trainer one day but for now this is what is working for my lifestyle 🙂

I hope you find the inspiration to get off your butt like I have!

Love Kate xox


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