Going Vegetarian?

Hi Everyone,

Today I wanted to talk about food and my opinion on vegetarian and vegan foods.

DISCLAIMER: Please don’t be offended by this post if you are a vegan or vegetarian, this is just my choice on how I want to eat and I’m really no expert on the topic, I know people choose to eat like this for bigger reasons than I’m talking about today.

As of a few months ago, after reading about fitness fads and other people’s lifestyle choices, I decided to start experimenting with more vegetarian/vegan meals and snacks, this isn’t because I have an issue with eating animal products (although sometimes I feel the way the animals are treated could be a lot better!), I was just curious to see the difference in how I felt.

Overall, it made me feel great, I feel I am less bloated and feel less full when I don’t eat meat and I noticed how nice my skin felt when I avoid dairy for a few days. It also doesn’t give you that food hangover feeling were you feel sluggish and wanting to nap all the time. 

I did consider becoming a vegetarian for a while as I could see the great health benefits from it physically and through research, but in the end I decided that I didn’t like being restricted to what I can and can’t eat and wanted to enjoy both.

So… my aim this year is to just eat whole nutritional food that is natural and healthy for you. Some days I might avoid meat more than others but for now I think everything in moderation, works for me.

To conclude this post, I am going to share with you a few pictures of a vegetarian chilli that I have been making, that tastes amazing! It is made with lots of yummy vegetables, spices and beans. I made this batch for my lunch’s during the week, as I go back to work tomorrow from my christmas break. Meal prep is a great way to make sure you eat healthy all week.

The recipe is from the blog Cookie and Kate, here is the link if you would like to make this yourself: http://cookieandkate.com/2015/vegetarian-chili-recipe/


When I serve this for myself I like to have it with tortilla chips, avocado and cashew cheese but you can choose to have with it what you like.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will try to make this yourself!

Love Kate x


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