The Virgin Traveller: Bath, England

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the second post of my travel series.

We got up early and drove about an hour up the road from Bristol to Bath. Bath is famous for its Spa Baths where the Roman baths were founded in 60-70AD. The Roman baths were gradually built over the next 300 years and the town became famous in the 1800’s as a fashionable place to visit.

When we first arrived in England Brandon’s Aunty surprised us by having a full day organised for us to visit to the Thermae Bath Spa, which is a combination of a historic spa and a contemporary building in the city of Bath, England, and was restored and re-opened in 2006. This is a luxury spa house with several spas, including one on the roof! We stayed here for a few hours testing all the different spa rooms, it was freezing dressed only in bikinis getting from the door (at about 12 degrees C) into the spa, especially the one of the roof, but it was so worth it! Very relaxing and warm. The spa also had showers and a dressing room so you could refresh and blow dry your hair before getting on with your day. A quick spa before work anyone? 😉 You couldn’t take pictures inside the spa house for privacy reasons but if you want to see pictures of the place, you can click here.

After the spa we went to the Ancient Roman Spa Baths and took a full guided tour of the complex. The wealthy Romans used use these spas as a place of luxury and in the 1800’s England’s gentry frequented Bath as a resort town. It was so interesting and I couldn’t believe that the hot bath springs are still bubbling naturally to this day from deep underground (although I wouldn’t swim in them as you could probably catch something pretty nasty!)

After taking in all the history we had an English High Tea planned for the afternoon. It was so nice; we drank champagne and ate so much cake (again haha) whilst being serenaded by a pianist in a room full of chandeliers.

We then strolled the cobble stone streets of Bath visiting all the quant little shops. There was an all year-round Christmas shop called ’25th of December’, and there was a little gimmicks store full of Beatrix Potter gifts, including Puddle Ducks (which if you know me, you would know that I collect them :P). They also had a fudge shop that was literally the best fudge I have ever tasted! It is truly such a beautiful little town, with so much history, I really recommend that you make sure Bath is on your itinerary if you are heading to the U.K anytime soon.

Love Kate xx






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